The Jab

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This is the 1st volume of our DVD series teaching our entire system. It is much more comprehensive in drills, techniques and explanations than the Kali Phase series

Punching, Blocking & drills for the Straight Punch. Jab, Cross, Sun Fist, and Crushing Fist along with how to gain Power and Speed in your punches plus Blocking, Passing, Scooping, Muscle Strikes and Applications. 

We also teach 21 Drills which will help you understand how to deal with a sudden attack, greatly increase your speed, timing, reflexes and understanding of combative situations.

What's included?

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57 mins

DFA Filipino Kali Online Training

Filipino martial arts (FMA) refer to the fighting methods of the Philippines. It incorporates elements from both Western and Eastern Martial Arts, and are known by such names as Arnis, Eskrima and Kali.

FMA is a complete martial art consisting of Kicks, Punches, Joint Locking and Weapons (Sticks, Knives and other weapons).

"If you want to learn to fight go somewhere else.....If you want to learn to survive, join us."

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