DFA Kali - Level 5 (download) by David Seiwert

DFA Kali - Level 5 (download)


 Dumog #7,Pantukan drills,Hubud variations, Dumog #8, Tuloy Tuloy (Flowing), Cut the Muscle Drills, Long Staff Spins, Twirls, Striking Angles,Blocks and Abecedaria Drills.
  Lock Flow #4, Block & Enter Drills, Cadena de Mano #3, Ground Striking, Highline Takedowns, Lowline Leg Takedowns and Ground Fighting.   Staff Blocking, Tapping, Abecedario and Sumbrada Drills

What's included?

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Phase 5
(1h 10m 14s)

DFA Kali/Escrima Online Training