DFA Kali - Level 3 (Pre-launch) by David Seiwert

DFA Kali - Level 3 (Pre-launch)



This course is in Pre-launch mode. It will be started after DFA Kali - Level 2 is completed which should be in about 1 week. Signing up with your email at this time does not commit you to anything.  It only shows that you are interested and you will receive a 25% off coupon when the course is launched.

Hubud #2 (fast hands inside/outside, low jab, low uppercut)
Hubud Elbow Drills
          #1) Right elbow, right block, grab/pull, left elbow
          #2) Regular hubud with elbows
          #3) Right elbow, right block, slap down, right elbow, left block, slap down, right           elbow, right block, grab/pull, left elbow
3 off Jab (Elbow, Outside, Inside, Split)
3 off Hook (R. elbow, L. elbow, Back knuckle)
Arm Wrench (chest, snake, lever, elbow, hand)
Pass & Scoop (add wrench & destruct)
Lock Flow #2 – Knee to midsection (partial puder kapala), Straight elbow lock, Bent arm lock, Right arm rear choke, Full rear choke (& Applications)

Dumog/Ground Fighting
Arm Drag - Outside, Inside, Push/Pull
Kicks from the ground - Scissors Takedown, Roundhouse, Side, Push 

Take Downs

          Jab (2 using arm drag) 'clothesline'
                   Right elbow destruction to side choke, takedown, finish with triangle
                   Clothesline, rear choke
                   Rear Trap grab
Single Stick - Middle Range

          Deflection, Cadena Real, Drop Stick, Roof, Reverse Roof
          Block, Pass/Scoop, 3 hits to arm
          Block, Pass/Scoop, 1 hit to head, 1 hit to leg
Sumbrada - 3 & 5 count


What does Pre-launch mean?

It simply let's you see what is coming next.

Am I committed to anything if I sign up now?

No! Signing up early simply let's us know that you are interested and you will receive a 25% off coupon when the course is launched.

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DFA Filipino Kali Online Training

Filipino martial arts (FMA) refer to the fighting methods of the Philippines. It incorporates elements from both Western and Eastern Martial Arts, and are known by such names as Arnis, Eskrima and Kali.

Most people have never heard of FMA or if they have they only think of it as 'That stick fighting martial art" But they couldn't be more wrong.

FMA is a complete martial art consisting of Kicks, Punches, Joint Locking and Weapons (Sticks, Knives and other weapons).

Filipino martial artists are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands. Weapons are trained from day one because it is taught that the weapon is merely an extension of the hand.

More and more martial arts styles as well as law enforcement (LEO) and the military are looking into the usefulness of FMA, but with a dearth of teaching material and/or instructors out there, they are left to learn on their own or try to find a qualified instructor to teach them. These courses hope to remedy that problem

"If you want to learn to fight go somewhere else.....If you want to learn to survive, join us."

For more information or training material on the martial arts, Mr. Seiwert can be contacted at: